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Welcome 1st Grade Families!

I am so excited to begin a new year with your child at Battle Creek Elementary! We will be learning a lot and having a blast this year! I hope this class web page finds you feeling even more connected to the classroom and your child's learning.

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Distance Learning -- What To Expect


April 11th, 2020

Hello Room 107 Families, 

On Monday April 13th we are beginning a new adventure in education. This new distant learning has really grown my abilities and pushed my creative thinking on how I can be an even stronger educator for your child. Please know that my goal is to make sure all of my students are prepared and ready for a bright future. The following information will allow you to get a better understanding of where, when, and how instruction will be taking place. 

Platform: All 1st grade teachers will be using the Seesaw platform to instruct and connect with each child in their classes. Please review and read the Seesaw tutorial slideshow at the bottom of this page with your child so they know how to navigate the platform. Students are required to check their virtual classroom daily. 

Time commitments: The plan is to slowly ease into distant learning and build upon learning each week. For the remainder of the school year my focus will be on Reading, Writing, Math and Social/Emotional Learning. Each week there will be time set aside for me to connect with the students. We will begin with a minimum of two 15 minute LIVE interactions, where I will be using a video conference platform to connect. This will be Google Meets. As I continue through the spring LIVE interactions will increase in time each week. Also, teachers across the district will teach aligned lessons that address the same Power Standards for their grade level. Eventually the maximum time each day we want students to be on the computer is listed below: 

Kindergarten-1st Grade.....45 minutes

2nd-3rd Grade.................60 minutes

4th-5th Grade..................90 minutes 

I will also upload supplementary lessons for kids to work on. We are asking these to be no more than one to two hours per week. Music, PE and Science/Social Studies activities will be included as supplementary learning options. This includes a minimum of 15 minutes of i-Ready Math & 15 minutes of i-Ready Reading each day. 

Attendance & Assessing Progress: I will be taking attendance. I will determine if students are in attendance based on one of four options: 

  1. Student participation in LIVE events, 

  2. Student participation within platform, 

  3. Teacher communication with a student via call, platform communication, etc. 

  4. Teacher communication with a parent via call, email, etc. 


I am going to be assigning activities and assignments for students to complete related to the power standards in Reading and Math. These activities/assignments will be graded for progress towards mastery of the power standard. Only these assignments will be graded. Any supplementary tasks/assignments will not. 

Power Standards: Power Standards direct the learning goals set forth by the district that guide the distant learning through the end of the school year. A complete list of the distant learning power standards are posted directly to the right.

Tools & Safety: If your child is using a district Chromebook, please only use it for distant learning. Please make sure your child is continuing to use this valuable resource in a safe manner. Secure a spot at home where they feel comfortable, they have adequate space to complete their work, and most importantly, parents can supervise. As best as you can, try to minimize distractions when they are working. Be your child’s cheerleader and advocate while they are working. Please also find some time to build in some movement and activities not tied directly to the computer. Go for a walk, cook a meal together, kick the soccer ball, build a fort, use your imagination. We know you will come up with creative ways to get them excited about this new way of learning! 

While I miss you all tremendously, I feel confident that these remaining months of distance learning will only make us a stronger community in the future. As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. 

All my best,

Callice Timm

Website: mrstimm.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 971-332-3813  (home office hours: 12:30-3:00pm)

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  • April 13th - Online Distance Learning starts

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Create a daily "school" schedule for your child at home to go with their online distance learning.​ For more information about creating a schedule visit the "Homeschool" tab.

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Distance Learning for All


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