On this page you can learn a little more about me, Mrs. Timm, and you will also find key information about the classroom. Such as snacks, birthdays, and a school supply list.


All About Mrs. Timm

Hello Families,

     I am so excited to be your child's 1st grade teacher this year. This will be my seventh year teaching. I have taught 1st-3rd grade, however 1st grade is my most favorite! 

     Last year I obtained my Masters in Education: Information Technology from Western Oregon University. We all know kids love their technology and game systems, so I try to use that to my advantage. I like to integrate technology into the classroom so students are more engaged in activities and excited about participating in their learning.

     Other than being a first grade teacher, I am also a wife and a mother of two boys. My oldest is 7-years-old and in second grade. My youngest is 2-year-old and into everything as most 2-year-olds are. We also have a Golden Doodle puppy that will be one in May.

     I enjoy camping with my family, as we do a lot of this in the Summer, however we have a travel trailer so we go year-round. We like to camp at Detroit Lake, in Sunriver, and even on the coast....all thanks to our beautiful state of Oregon.

     I look forward to this school year and learning about your families. Thank you for sharing your child with me. Here's to learning a lot this year, it's great to be a Bear!

Nuts and Bolts of 107
Scholastic Book Orders
Bowl of Berries



A brief optional snack break will take place in the afternoon. Feel free to send your child to school with a healthy, non-sticky, and peanut-free snack (i.e. carrots, apple slices, cheese stick, etc.) If you would like to contribute to our class snack by providing a large bow, that would be greatly appreciated. If you have questions regarding what is appropriate, I’d be happy to help clarify.


Order books for your child through Scholastic Book Orders. Monthly fliers are sent home for you to order from or you can go online to place an order. Find out more information about online ordering on the "Parent Resource" page.

Happy Reading!

Oatmeal Cookies



Families may choose to bring a treat for the class on their child’s birthday. However, the district does not allow homemade items. Please limit your treat to one healthy and peanut free food item. Birthday treats will take place at snack time.



Reading Log: A monthly reading log will be sent home at beginning of each month. Please keep it in a safe place and record your child's reading daily. I recommend 15-20 minutes of reading every day. Your child may use their sight words, book-bag book, and other home or library books for their time.

Book Bag: A book at your child’s reading level will be placed in a bag to go home. This is to be turned in as soon as they can read it fluently. In the past, students have turned in their book bag 2-3 times a week.

Sight Word Bag: A list of sight words at your child’s level will be placed in a bag to go home. This is to be turned in as soon as they can read all words fluently (without sounding them out). Again, in the past, students turned in their sight word bag 3-4 times a week.

Row of Colored Pencils
School Notebook

School Supplies


- Backpack

- Notebook paper: wide rule

- Composition books: 2, 100-page each, wide rule, not spiral

- Plastic pocket folder with prongs: solid color

- Pencils: 48, Dixon Ticonderoga* only, please

- Large Pink Erasers: 2, no pencil top erasers

- Colored pencils: 12-pack, classic colors, Crayola*

- Crayons: 24 count, Crayola*

- Dry erase markers: 4, Expo*

- Glue sticks: 12, Elmer’s*

- Facial tissues: 1-2 boxes,

- Zip-lock bags: 1 box quart size, 1 box gallon size

- Printer/copier paper: 1 package, white


Donations of the following are greatly appreciated:

   - Liquid hand soap: foaming, pump top

   - Disinfecting wipes: 1 pack (Clorox type, no baby wipes)

   - Markers: 10-pack, classic colors, thin tip



*Brand Names: We have requested brand names 

for a few select items. We understand that they 

are slightly more expensive. However, the quality 

of the name brand on these items 

is far better, and will last the 

entire year, rather than needing 

to be replaced. Thank you for 

your understanding!